Pizza Oven Discount Company

About Us


We discovered that there is nothing quite like the amazing unique wood smoked flavour of your own home cooked pizzas, breads and roast meats, all gently cooked by you in your own real wood oven, in true Mediterranean style.  By using the finest and freshest ingredients, you can achieve the wonderful results that until now could only ever be experienced in a true Pizzeria or Trattoria Italiano.

Effortlessly entertain your friends and family and discover new recipes.

WARNING… You will never want to eat another supermarket pizza again!

So many people have now become  very conscious about what is in the food they eat, and the use of healthy ingredients and avoiding additives is so important to health and wellbeing.  Many people love to create and cook their own recipes, knowing exactly whats gone into their food, and exactly how it has been produced.  Since we started in 2013, our business has become a roaring success, thanks to our food focused customers and we now supply and install pizza ovens over the whole of the U.K for our happy clients.


So the recipe to our success?

We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality nationwide bespoke base building and installation service.

Our wood fired pizza ovens are  imported and hand made to a traditional artisan design, totally proven with over 40 years of manufacture by the same family. Manufactured to strict standards and using only highest quality refractory bricks, our ovens are designed to give you many years of pleasure and enjoyment!